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My Signs

I am a Snake From the Chinese Zodiac, a Snake from the Native-American Zodiac, a Scorpio from the Greek Zodiac, and my favorite animal is the wolf. So my fursona is a Snank-snake-scorpion-wolf.

Get Into Detail

Well here are some pix that I've found that have my fursona sign animals on them that explain in further detail what the sign is about and what the personality would be for that person. I have found that if I can get ahold of your birthday then I can pin-point your personality almost exactly. Pretty cool huh?!?















Snake- Chinese Zodiac







None of the pix here are mine. The art is (c) it's owner.


Other Signs/Fursonas

Everyone's fursona is different. To find out what yours is just go look-up what your birth signs are and add your favortie animal and vwa-la! Your very own fursona! Laughing


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