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About Me Leading Up to the Creation of the Book

Greetings! This is the “About Me” rant that my friend made up for people to do and I stole some because I am being lazy right now and because we're so much alike... So here goes!

 I AM SACRASTIC! BE-WERE! I am also a goofy-goober.

While I’m not really outgoing, I think have fair social skills. I am a very difficult person to get to know deeply. It takes time for me to trust anyone or to call them friends. However, once I do, I will never let you down. I am willing to sacrifice my world for my friends. For me, nothing feels better than giving to my true friends.

I am quite active - I am usually hard at work or play. If working I'm motivated and focused, I am good at getting what I want done. I hope to rule at success, but not success ruling me. So when it's time for fun, I love to kick back. Whether I'm hanging out with friends or doing something I love!

I can be hopeless romantic sometimes and I will never "have it all together".

I am an animal enthusiast and try my best to help out in any way I can. I LOVE wolves and horses most of all but otherwise I pretty much like all animals.

Japanese anime and graphic novels best of all entertainment in my opinion. Wink

I am a total Phantom Phreak and have been for some time... *whistles and toes the floor*

I love, and usually am the victim of the 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong, (and you know, this is so true!).

Somedays I really wish that the buck stopped here, as I could use a few....

I would like to meet a real Werewolf,or a Vampire, or a HalfBreed... Fantasy stuff and the like. I think that that would be SO cool... *fan-girl foams*

I am told that I have a talent for creative writing, and website building. Though if this is true or not depends on you.

I tend to think with my heart, not my head. Hopefully I am considerate and a giver. But I'm still tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of me! I feel I am a very open minded person, but I'm also well grounded. I'm not going to believe every little thing I come across. But still tolerant and flexible, I appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints. I also love to hear about what other people think or believe in. I'm open to considering every possibility - but in the end, I stand true to myself.

I also can be a bit of an airhead sometimes, and may be called a ditz by others. I am not stupid, but in fact, very sharp and can think on my feet if needed. My mind is my primary weapon. I can be eager to help others and are usually docile, but not really submissive. So if someone really ticks me off, I do bite back. HARD.

I am a person of great enthusiasm. Usually satisfied by the ordinary, I do however, reach for an epic, extraordinary life. Some of my ideas are very strange, and people often wonder what dimension I'm from. While I may have some problems about being "normal", I have no problems with being "out-of-the-box".

I love all kinds of stories and poems. And whether it's important novels, short stories, poems, or epic films, I hope my own little word could leave an important mark on the world someday!

Before the book, my life was CrAzY. Plain and simple. Now it's still full to the brim with stuff to do and it seem to me that I have no time anymore to write. But anyways, I'm a teen writing a book for teens who are into Werewolves and the Supernatural. It has taken me seven years to date to come up with the story and plot and I'm still not done with it yet!

Here's a Peek Into My Life Before the Book...

Well I can say this much, It's been one wild ride after another! I'm the eldest of five starting with me  and ending with my youngest sister. It can get pretty CrAzY in the house with THAT many people. And like ~The Shadow~ I've been Homeschooled my whole life. I never went to school for school. I went there for after school activeties like Browines and floor hocky.


This book was written for all the Danielles out there. Keep all your kookie ways and know that there are other Danielles out there just as kookie as you are. It was also written for all those who've lost someone dear to them....

My Friends...

Let's see... Hmmmm.... What else?... Oh yeah! My totally awesome friends!

 The Shinigami Spy {Qumquwa}


"my soul has been nald to my wal for quite sum time"

*Side Note - When I have more time I'll put more here. If you would like to be put here sooner then please contact me...*

My Other Awesome Friend

 You can visit my friends website down there, *Click the Pic*!

 Her name is Mary Dark-Dweller Dumas, and she has helped me A TON with my story and the concept art and I just wanted to say, "Thanks to you for drawing all those awesome pix for me!".

 She is my fellow author friend, and if you like my book, than you will definately love hers too! So check it out, and don't forget to sign her Guestbook.