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Hi! Welcome to My Web Page!

This is only the first page so I must ask you to forgive me if it's a bit messy! If you would please contact me and tell me what you thought of my other websites. What you liked about it, and what you think still needs a little more work.

I MUST warn you that the story, "~The Shadow~", does contain mild violence and it is copyrighted! So, NO STEALING! Thank-You!


~The Shadow~ 

Site Updates

Weeellll... Everything here is brand new and most is still in the works... So... Yeah... Like that...



My totally freakin' AWESOME guild which you MUST GO SEE!!! Laughing

My e-mail address so you can comment further...

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

I must note that I hand typed the HTML required to create this site. If you would like to create a website then please feel free to contact me if you need help. I also have a special webpage with some papers that can aid you in this indevor. It's listed under "Html Papers" on the sidebar of my other site.